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ModelMinds organized a unique event together with Manuel Bollue: With 7 Authors and 2 Supporters, we gave us the challenge to write a good-looking visual toolbook in 12 hours. The process did take very careful planning – and took in the end 14hrs. But it was worth it: We came up with 40+ tools, had over 50 years of innovation experience in the room, wrote over 50 pages. Now we would like to share the results.

The Visual Innovation Accelerator is a visual book with 40+ tools created in a 12 hours jam, using over 50 years of experience.
Innovators, change makers, entrepreneurs, and managers can put it to use in their everyday professional challenges.
Use the visual tools to design more meaningful, creative, and engaging get-togethers, improve team dynamics and product and service innovation processes, while reaching your own and team’s targets. Let us know what you think about it and if you have further suggestions – And don’t forget to share it.

Front Cover Impression of the Toolbook.


One of the 40+ tools - Preview

One of the 40+ tools – Preview

Video: How to write a book in 12 hours?

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To download the 2nd Press Release here: Press Release ModelMinds Visual Innovation Accelerator